OAI Visual Branding Helps Create Lightning Stanley Cup Celebration Decor

Winning back-to-back championships is a rare occurrence. When the Tampa Bay Lightning captured the Stanley Cup for the second straight year, a special celebration was necessary. OAI, a long-standing partner of the Lightning, helped with this celebration by turning around banners of all sizes, bunting, and free-standing artwork to help immortalize the event and serve as background for photographs seen world-wide at unprecedented speed.

Additionally, since the victory occurred during Florida’s infamous rainy season, OAI collaborated with the team to fabricate a unique billboard that activated wording upon getting wet.  To pull off this unique campaign, multiple companies worked together, each offering unique expertise.   OAI printed the grand vinyl banners, which then had another partner apply a special hydrochromatic ink over it.  A key to the success in this execution was keeping the banners perfectly flat so as to not disrupt or potentially damage the ink.  Collaborating on such a literal and figuratively huge project, to celebrate one of our home town teams, was a real thrill.

In reference to the campaign, Brittany Austin, the Sr. Director of Brand & Content Marketing for Vinik Sports Group, said, “OAI helped the Tampa Bay Lightning bring our celebration events & win campaign to life through on-site branding and unique out of home advertising throughout the market. Their team is always professional and made pulling everything off in a few short days possible.”

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