Rebranding of the Raymond James Stadium for the 2020 NFL Season

For the 2020 NFL season, OAI had the responsibility of revamping the Raymond James Stadium for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs have been a long-time client with OAI for multiple years now, but this time was a little different. Not only did we experience a  global pandemic, putting most sports on hold, but two very well known players joined the squad. Those familiar names being Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

In order to welcome these two players to Tampa Bay, the Bucs had some large format printing requests. Our first project was to create the 83-foot banner displaying Tom Brady, which hangs on the outside of the stadium wall. After installing multiple large prints, we then rebranded the scoreboards, displaying “GO BUCS” in large white text.

The latest additions were the creation of multiple wall graphics throughout the inside of the stadium. Adhesive graphics were applied to the block surface of the walls, heated, using a multi-level heat gun and then rolled with a foam roller. This allows the graphic to conform to the wall surface and grout lines. The graphics consists of 52” wide panels that overlap one another by one inch, and make up the entire image once all panels are installed. This process creates an extremely realistic look, almost as if the graphic was painted onto the wall.

The Bucs also had a special request, involving a 300 sq. foot stencil stating “Tampa Bay Votes”. You can find those words painted on the sideline of the field. A creative way to show the involvement of the 2020 Presidential Election within the Tampa Bay community. Lastly, the rebranding of concession stands took place. New vendors give OAI the opportunity to create channel letters, signage, and adhesive graphics. You can find some examples amongst the pictures on the right!

OAI was extremely proud and excited to fulfill the rebranding of the Bucs Stadium this season. We are hopeful, as time goes on, fans will be able to enjoy the new look, just as much as we do. Good luck Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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