Dimensional Signage

Delivering Great Looking Solutions

OAI’s experience in dimensional signage means we can cost effectively manage design, planning and implementation of successful signage programs. We can handle everything from conception and design to fabrication and installation, as well as things like permitting and consulting. Our strength is establishing clear communications between all parties, and builds liaisons with all vendor representatives. Therefore, the need for not pertinent consultants is removed, resulting in substantial cost savings, more accurate project management and improved delivery time.

When overall responsibility for signage is placed with one qualified signage company, all terms and conditions are part of an result-specific, contractual agreement, signed up-front, where the objective is to develop and deliver a comprehensive signage program that is responsive to:

  • Local Site Conditions
  • Building Architecture
  • Applicable Codes
  • Desired Image
  • Way-Finding Needs
  • Budget Constraints

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