Architectural signage is one of our specialties! Channel letters, especially when illuminated, give a professional branding appearance and really stand out grabbing any passerby’s attention. OAI created and installed these immense 4’ high by 70’ wide aluminum channel letters for both sides of the 50-yard line for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The process of illuminating and installing these front-lit channel letters is quite elaborate. First, production must fabricate and use the appropriate router to cut the aluminum channel letters making sure to create smooth and even surfaces. Then, LED lights are strategically placed inside of the letters in order to evenly illuminate each crevice making sure that the corners are well covered. Lastly, the acrylic fronts or “faces” of these letters are sealed by inserting the matching acrylic panels into custom made grooves. These acrylic faces are also cut to shape and have a specific lamination made of translucent vinyl for protection from weathering.

Aluminum front lit channel letters

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