Georgia Institute of Technology athletic facility undergoes rebrand with the help of OAI.

Georgia Tech used time wisely during the pandemic, undergoing a refreshed look for the Booby Dodd football stadium. OAI Visual Branding supplied almost all new signage solutions for the athletic facility.

The upgrade started off with multiple renovations to the stadium’s interior signs. These products mainly included concession signage, wayfinding signage, ADA signage, and decals. Wayfinding signage consisted of labeling areas, bathrooms, sections, regulations, and more. Banners were framed throughout the stadium as well.

Turning our heads towards the inside of the stadium, OAI made a fabulous contribution of reverse-lit channel letters. Endzone pad graphics, tunnel covers, inner bowl ring panels, seat numbers, and banners were also created and installed inside the stadium.

You might be curious to how OAI was capable of working with an out-of-state project. It required lots of shipping, traveling employees and out of home installers! With that being said, OAI can’t wait to do it again!

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