OAI Visual Branding Prints Large Format Decals for Royal Caribbean Ship Introduction

OAI was called upon for their expertise in grand format signage and printing capabilities by Royal Caribbean in November 2018.  At the time, the cruise line was introducing their newest ship to the Celebrity Cruise Line fleet.  This introduction called for grandeur.  OAI delivered by wrapping the Royal Caribbean headquarters building with two very large, 40′ x 40′ and 40′ x 80′ signs.  Grand format signage provided the attention grabbing “wow factor” needed to break through the clutter of the busy Port of Miami.

OAI, experts in grand format printing, not only printed the decals that wrapped the building, including the windows, but also served as a one stop shop for the project.  The team conducted the site survey, selected the best material for multiple surface textures, printed the signs, and installed them.  The installation process took the crew two full weekends, working 14-hour days to complete.  Upon the conclusion of the introduction campaign, OAI was then tasked with removing the grand signs.

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