OAI Visual Branding was tasked with rebranding efforts for the Tampa Bay Rowdies, the professional soccer team of St. Petersburg. For the rebrand, OAI created a stencil of the Rowdie’s logo and hired an artist who was tasked with painting the words onto the roof. This project took 180 food extension lift and a week of work before the first home game. The Rowdies were experiencing wear-and-tear on newly purchased leather seats for the home and visiting teams due to Florida weather conditions. OAI developed and produced individual custom seat covers to be installed on the back of each seat. They are removable and washable to ensure the longevity of both the leather seats and the covers themselves.


The Tampa Bay Rowdies field also features vinyl banners, field banners, and fence mesh. OAI specializes in several stadium solutions that will completely transform your space. Our unique selection of products can be customized to promote your organization and spread sponsorship awareness. Our history of working with stadiums ensures that your rebrand will receive the highest level of expertise to create the total fan experience.

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