Updated with Team Spirit

When the time came for USF to update the entrance to the Yeungling Center.  There was a lot to consider- the space itself as well as fan experience and athlete experience.  As an entrance, this is where tone is set- the initial rush of pride and team spirit. If this space could be designed to help bring those senses to life, while providing the much needed updates, then it will be a job well done.  OAI worked collaboratively with USF personnel to design the space using Bulls branding.

The process was, in fact, very comprehensive, yet simple.  OAI did the survey, project management, design, production and installation.  Having a single point of contact enabling a steady and streamlined process.  Tension fabric displays and adhesive graphics helped bring the designs to life and could work on multiple aspects:  wallscapes, signage, wayfinding signage, doors and floor markers.

When working through this project, it was important to consider the longevity of the design,  especially since it was permanent.

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