OAI Visual Branding Provides Expertise to Pay Tribute to Past Tampa Sports Events

JLL Project and Development Services had a unique design idea for long-standing client, Visit Tampa Bay/The Tampa Bay Sports Commission.  The idea was to revamp a wall space with dimensional logos to showcase some of Tampa’s past major sporting events.

OAI was there to offer the solution, a direct print second surface on non-glare acrylic with standoffs.  What does this mean to people that do not speak print?  Have no fear, we can translate, after all, we are the printing experts. Direct print essentially is when print/ink goes directly onto material. Rather than a solvent print, OAI performed a UV print directly on the backside of the special ordered non-glare acrylic material. The cool trick with this is that the image needs to be reversed when printing in order for it to be viewed correctly from the front side (since we are printing it on the back). Standoffs are made up of an aluminum barrel, cap and screw which attaches the acrylic to the wall. They are called standoffs because it allows the sign to literally “standoff” from the wall.

For a project like this to happen, there are a few steps that occur:

  • Consultation with Client/Visit Tampa Bay and JLL to discuss materials and methods of installation in order to execute against their proposed design.
  • OAI provided sample prints to ensure accuracy of the design and gain client approval.
  • OAI surveyed the site to ensure specs of the wall were accurate against proposed design.
  • Then from there, we collected and laid out the logos – made sure all logos were high resolution enough to print. (Quality control is important in this step).
  • Printing/packing took about 2 days
  • Installation was completed in 1 day

OAI was proud in providing our expertise in bringing this vision and the memories of historic events in our home city to life.

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