OAI Visual Branding Expert Provides Insights into Vehicle Wraps

There is no denying it, vehicle wraps are pretty awesome.  They accomplish many goals, but mainly providing far reaching promotion and igniting team spirit.  Recently OAI has completed a number of vehicle wraps and we sat down with one of our Consultants to provide insight on vehicle wraps.

  • What goes into planning to wrap a truck? We first conduct a survey and assessment of the trailer/cab to ensure graphics are not obstructed, and also to confirm condition of the vehicle. We then discuss and manage client expectation as far as completion deadline and that installation may be done under a covered area.  There is also a product confirmation that needs to completed to ensure that the wrap vehicle material and lamination are available within the project timeline.
  • How does OAI apply the graphics? Since the back of the printed vinyl has a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), the graphics are applied in panels, with a squeegee, applying pressure to allow it to adhere to the surface.  For areas that require greater conformity, heat is applied and various other tools can be utilized to achieve that conformity.
  • How long does it take to turn this around once approved artwork is delivered? Standard production time is 5-7 business days though we have printed in much less time. Installation typically take 1-2 days. Which means overall, we aim to complete a project in less than 10 business days.  Our goal is to always deliver a correct job completed within or ahead of schedule.
  • Can we only wrap trucks (with flat sides) or can we wrap other vehicles? Any vehicle! Trailer, cab, vans, trucks, cars, golf carts! We love  to tackle a challenge and see how wonderfully it can turn out!
  • What do clients like most about wrapped vehicles? The best part is definitely the exposure while on the road in addition to increased fan/player excitement and engagement. I’ve seen plenty of people take photos in front of the trailer wraps. I also get really excited when I see a friend post a picture of a vehicle wrap project that I worked on, it means that is a successful program for the client.
  • How expensive is a project like this? The pricing can range based on the size and complexity of the vehicle but a broad range is $8K – $15K.

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