Nova upgrades softball and baseball fields

Our representative down in Miami worked with Nova Southeastern University athletics this passed winter. With a niche for branding sports facilities from top to finish, OAI created and installed many eye-catching, new graphics for Nova’s facility.

With a focus on mainly the softball field and baseball field, the stadium’s bleachers were dressed with multiple fence mesh banners. As you can see, Nova’s mascot name, “the sharks”, and slogan, “Fear the Fin”,  has been emphasized all over the facility, promoting team spirit.

A vinyl banner was also hung showcasing multiple universities in the same division. A classy way to welcome your opponents I’d say!

Once the bleachers were brought to life, OAI’s team began updating the field walls along the outfields. Not only did the field walls brand Nova Sharks, but it also branded the well-known sponsors of the universities athletics!

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