OAI partners with Tampa Bay Sports Commission for Super Bowl LV Experience.

OAI partnered with the Tampa Bay Sports Commission to bring the 2021 Super Bowl LV Experience to life. Prior to game day, downtown Tampa Bay’s Riverwalk hosted an eventful Super Bowl experience for fans and the community. The experience showcased NFL’s history, food trucks, games, concerts and many more events, while following COVID-19 procedures.

OAI created and installed multiple barricade covers to outline the area of the experience. Floor decals we’re created to ensure social distancing policies and also acted as wayfinders for the guests. Stage graphics and banners were printed to dress up the truss systems set up at the event. Concession stands, menus and one-off signage were created and set up in multiple areas as well. Long days and many hours were put in by the OAI team, but what an experience it was!

With social distancing enforced and face masks required, the event brought in multiple fans and visitors each night. OAI was honored to be a part of the Super Bowl LV Experience. And a huge congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on their Super Bowl LV victory!

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