OAI Visual Branding Provides Best Practices for Event Backdrops

In a social media-driven world, picture-perfect moments are crucial for any event.  A simple and easy way to provide your event attendees a photographic moment, and ensure they get the earned branding impressions they crave, is utilizing a backdrop. We connected with one of our Project Managers about the beauty of backdrops and are excited to share their insights below.

What sorts of events have backdrops been requested for?

Backdrops have been requested for all sorts of events!  They include private, promotional, charity, sporting, company/business, holiday, permanent displays, and tradeshows. In all reality, there are endless opportunities for backdrops and they really add a focal point to any event.

How quickly can they be produced and delivered?

We have turned backdrops as quickly as doing them within a few hours.

What kind of materials are they printed on?

They look best printed on fabric as this ensures smooth lines and the breathability helps prevent the backdrop form becoming a windsail for outdoor events.

What are some best practices someone should know if they want to order a backdrop?

When ordering a backdrop, the main thing to be cognizant of it that it is aesthetically pleasing and impactful.  The brand or message needs to be conveyed in the most appropriate way- think about where people would be standing and what could get cropped out.  In other words, the layout of the design is symmetrical and the “live area” point of view is centered. Finally, the imagery should be as high a resolution as possible and colors vibrant.

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